Capturing Creativity Workshop. Sometime finding the life in our art can be difficult.

Infrared photograph, @Lumix GX7

This course on creativity is open to all artists/craftsmen. Sometimes, finding the life in our art can be difficult, but we’ll share ways to harness positive and negative emotions into creativity. It’s that energy that makes art feel alive.

We’ll demonstrate advantages to developing creative relationships with artists of different disciplines. How to learn the language of their art, adapt it and use it. Add depth and tension to what you create.

This exciting new workshop is open to all artists, craftspeople, photographers, and writers! Creativity is that elusive flutter of light at the edge of your vision that seems to disappear when you look directly at it. Even if you’re quiet and sneak up, it often winks out before you can grab it. In this two-day workshop, we’ll use a variety of fun improvisational games, cross-discipline exercises, and heightened emotional observation, to entice creativity and generate new boundary stretching material. We’ll also share the secret to capturing your ideas and keeping creativity close by.

Laurie Klein is an award-winning fine art, educator, and portrait photographer. She has authored: Infrared Photography-Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images, Photographing the Female Form with Digital Infrared, Hand Coloring Black and White Photography, and is a Featured Artist in Making Good: An Inspirational Guide to being an Artist Craftsman. Her work is held in private collections and museums. Laurie has an MFA in photography from Ohio University and BFA from RIT. She studied with Ansel Adams. Kodak, Fuji, Lensbaby, Prismacolor, and Curtis Paper have been her sponsors. A gifted photo educator for over 30 years, Laurie teaches classes and workshops both nationally and internationally. Laurie Klein is recognized worldwide for her photography and her imagery in the arresting infrared spectrum.

@Julia Strayer’s writing appears in @Glimmer Train, @SmokeLong Quarterly, @Post Road, @Mid-American Review, @South Dakota Review, @Fiction Southeast, and others. She placed first in the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, was a finalist in the 2016 Indiana Review 1/2K Prize, and her work has been anthologized in The Best Small Fictions 2015. She earned an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and teaches creative writing at New York University.

Tuition: $315 (lunch is included)

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