A photographer and her muse. Join us for this rare pop up workshop 7/16.

Photographic pop up workshop with Laurie Klein and Nicole Cudzilo, Sunday July 16th 10-4 in Bethlehem CT.
A rare opportunity to work with a master photographer and her muse.

Cost $199.

Picture this: You with your camera Nicole as your muse.

Laurie there to guide you and for one on one time with you.

A pool, many cows, sprawling farms, landscapes and vistas.

Come spend an exceptional day at a breath taking location in Bethlehem CT.

Join Laurie and Nicole for this once in a lifetime workshop. Many of you know that the incredibly talented Nicole Cudzilo is moving to the mid west. So before she moves, take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to photograph her in a sublime location.

This workshop is open to infrared and non infrared shooters.
contact Laurie at: info@laurieklein.com
@nicoleCudzilo, @lauriekleinworkshops

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