The importance of having a muse.

One of the questions is~ do you wait for the muse to appear or do you bring forth your muse?

I love this quote and article from Mark McGuinness Lateral Action

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“A muse?” you ask. “You mean some kind of invisible spirit that dumps creative inspiration into my mind?”

“Exactly,” I answer. “A genius. A daimon. An independent force in your psyche that directs your creativity, and to which you deliberately hand over ultimate responsibility for your work.”

Well Mark, I can attest to the truth in your words. As many of you know Nicole Cudzilo has been my muse for over 10 years, it began when she was 16 and I was, oh well I won’t go there. I have grown exponentially as an artist and a portrait photographer because of my time with Nicole. I love her like a daughter and can never ever verbalize what she has taught me as my friend, fellow creative and as my muse. Even though she is moving cross country for an exciting new chapter in her life I know our journey will still continue and our creativity will still grow.

We are holding a pop up workshop on July 16th, the last local workshop that Nicole and I will have in this area for a while. We hope you can join us and experience the magic we have co-created. Who knows, maybe you will find a muse to journey with.

Photographic pop up workshop with Laurie Klein and Nicole Cudzilo, Sunday July 16th 10-4 in Bethlehem CT.

A rare opportunity to work with a master photographer and her muse.

Cost $199.

Picture this: You with your camera Nicole as your muse.

Laurie there to guide you and for one on one time with you.

A pool, many cows, sprawling farms, landscapes and vistas.

Come spend an exceptional day at a breath taking location in Bethlehem CT.

Join Laurie and Nicole for this once in a lifetime workshop. Many of you know that the incredibly talented Nicole Cudzilo is moving to the mid west. So before she moves, take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to photograph her in a sublime location.

This workshop is open to infrared and non infrared shooters.
contact Laurie at:
@nicoleCudzilo, @lauriekleinworkshops @Lateral Action, @Mark McGuinness

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