Sharing your soul.

Sharing your soul.

What happens when
9 men,
one woman,
a Toby
and I get together?
“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world” Brene Brown
Many of you have taken workshops before, some of you have taken them with me. Sometimes creative paradigm shifts occur and you have life changing “A Ha Moments.” Sometimes we have growthful experiences and make new creative friends that become part of our artistic support system. I don’t always know why some workshops are more profound than others. Well, I really do know. I believe in the workshops I teach, the right people at the right time come together and just connect. The first day of class, it isn’t often visible. I create a safe environment where people can share and be vulnerable. Creativity often is an inside job, especially if you want it to last. Many come to a workshop to take incredible images, and then they don’t shoot again till their next workshop. Everyone has different intentions as to why they carve time out of their busy schedule to take a workshop.
Last week I taught at Maine Media: The Female Form in the Maine Landscape. It truly was fabulous. Students weren’t competing with each other. They were supporting one another. They went deep and created work that even surprised them. Toby Donoghue,, (look up her work, she is a 21 year old who is creating cutting edge work)….was a huge part of the magic last week.
When expanding our creativity, we need a structure that allows us to be creative. Toby helped create that structure for us with wonderful models, diverse locations and perfect pairing of students together. Many don’t realize how much behind the scene action is necessary to support creative growth.
What do I do after a workshop like this? I go on an inner retreat, it could be for a few hours or a few days. It helps allow the creative components to sink it. It allows time and space for it to mull, ripen and last.
Workshops can be powerful. Seek out instructors and content that will push you as well as nurture your creative rhythm. Ask others about workshops they have taken and how it helped them grow? I have also seen workshops hinder the confidence of a photographer. So do your research, be clear in your intention on why you want to take a particular workshop, and be open for the unexpected.
Here are some of the images that were created by a few of my students last, click on their names to see more of their images.

Dan Avener

From Click To Wow
tools and tips for the photographic artist
Shelley Vandegrift
Luminar 3 versus Luminar Flex
As most of you know, Laurie and I are big supporters, and early adopters, of Luminar and have even developed presets for processing infrared images with it. Luminar offers many of the same stylized adjustments available in the pre-Google versions of NIK filters at a significantly lower cost (Luminar $69 versus NIK Collection $149). After the initial launch of Luminar in 2016, Skylum released new versions of Luminar with new functionality frequently. If you wonder what the difference is between Luminar 2018, Luminar 3, and Luminar Flex, here is a quick guide.
Luminar 2018 – This version of Luminar functions as both a standalone image editor and as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express and Photoshop. Skylum replaced this version with Luminar 3; therefore, no future updates or enhancements will be made to 2018. However, it is still supported by Skylum and can be purchased on some online stores such as Amazon. If you are using 2018, are happy with it, and dread the idea of changing, we suggest you keep an eye on the features added to Luminar 3 and Luminar Flex and only change when something is added that you can’t live without. 
Luminar 3 – With the release of Luminar 3, Skylum introduced Libraries, a Digital Asset Management function that catalogs and organizes your images. Libraries is a visually appealing and easy to use addition that works well for those photographers who want a simple catalog tool. Unfortunately, it does not offer many of the features experienced photographers expect such as keywording, custom titling, virtual copies, and custom organization. Skylum has plans to add these features in the future. At some point we feel certain Libraries will be a worthy option for experienced shooters. Currently, Luminar 3 has the option to work as a plug-in for Adobe products, but that feature is slated for removal in the future. Thus enters Luminar Flex….
Luminar Flex – This latest version of Luminar is designed to work as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express, and Photoshop and does not include the Libraries module. Flex can be used as a standalone currently, but the intent is for it to function only as a plug-in in the future, leaving Luminar 3 as the standalone solution. If you only use Luminar as a plug-in, have no need for the Libraries module, but want updates and access to the latest and greatest editing tools available from Skylum, this is your best option. 
To purchase Infrared Mastery II Look Collection for Luminar:
To purchase the all new Infrared Drama Look Collection:

Self Exploration Series – November 16 & 17, 2019
 “Photography is a journey, I don’t have to figure it all out today, it is movement, it is love, it is life. It is my process.”

I will be announcing new Limited Edition Photographs that embody the Majesty of Inner Light. Photographs are either one of a kind, 4 in an edition, or an edition of 25. After each sale, the price increases. People have been collecting my work for decades. It is my Majesty of Inner Light.
As creatives, we never stop recreating ourselves. 
Contact me at, See more limited Edition prints at

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