Lets do lunch: Interactive discuss on Expressive Arts with Laurie Klein and Dr. Bryce Perler

Lets do lunch: Interactive discuss on Expressive Arts with Laurie Klein and Dr. Bryce Perler

Let’s do lunch at the Providence Art Club! Join us for a fascinating interactive discussion on how Expressive Arts can add balance to your life.
Thursday, August 29, 12 noon

Expressive art is a modality that utilizes various artistic forms to promote self-expression, healing, mindfulness, and balance. 

Laurie and Bryce will discuss literature behind Expressive art, with an open dialogue about the importance between art and science. They will then perform an activity utilizing Expressive Art

Bring your Smart Phone and dive into your expression. Laurie and Bryce will walk you through a creative exercise, so you can experience first-hand the benefits of Expressive Arts.

This mother and son team has taught Expressive Arts to Brown Medical Resident Students.

Open to the public. A luncheon sandwich buffet will be served.

$20 program and buffet

Bryce Perler is a third year Medical Resident at Brown University, he is published and has taught many workshops with his mom.

Laurie Klein is an author, educator and is known for her images taken in the infrared spectrum with an emphasis of the female form in the landscape. She studied with the landscape photographer Ansel Adams. 

Contact Providence Art Club:
To register, email Angel Dean at angel@providenceartclub.org 
or call her at 401-331-1114 ext. 16
Providence Art Club 11 Thomas Street Providence RI 02903 (401) 331-1114

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
How do we not forget that statement?
Why on somedays does everything go great then the next thing we know one thing goes awry and everything changes.
We dwell, we harp, we become obsessed and ultimately it negates all the wonderful things. When one thing doesn’t go right, we forget that maybe an opportunity for an invaluable gift or lesson is being given to us. Or perhaps a pathway to a different story? Sometimes at the end of the day, I only remember the one thing that disturbed or upset me. I forget all the wonderful moments: a stranger smiling at me, a kind remark, or getting up early for self care and going for a swim. We have to stop beating ourselves up, and pay attention. I had a young man in my studio today who is in college. He loves photography and is an aspiring writer. He was asking me about my photographic journey and my process. I talked at length about paying attention to what is put in front of us. It isn’t always pretty, but often, it is there for a reason helping guide us towards the direction we are suppose to go. Instant gratification is not what it is cracked up to be.

I took the above image a month ago, I totally passed it by. I criticized and judged this image, yet something kept drawing me back to it. Those of you who are my students know how I feel about making work prints and living with the image. So, I had a work print made, and I lived with it for a while. The repetition of shapes, the cloud piercing her heart or was it a spear of wisdom going from her heart into the world. Either way, it took my breath away. It all depended on the story I was telling.

So I ask you a question, at the end of the day do you want to tell the story about what didn’t go right or the joy of opening to something new?

Hand Colored B&W Photograph

The magic of an all women’s camp. Firefly Institute, my third year teaching at this incredible camp.
October 9th – 13th 2019. Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon, Westerbeke Ranch.
“Part photography institute … high-caliber teachers and quality, hands-on classes in five categories: photo tech, photo shoot, video, photo artistry, and photo craft … plus a print lobby with unlimited printers/paper/ink to print your photos
Part summer camp … big après-class FUN and freedom to act like a kid again: shared cabins with roommates, camp counselors, campfires, sing alongs, skits, square dancing, fun and games
Part community … enjoy old friends, make new friends and become part of the Firefly family: learn together, live together, play together 
Part retreat … unplug and relax in a tranquil setting: nourish your body with walks and delicious food, nourish your soul with nature and joy.”

From Click To Wow
tools and tips for the photographic artist
Shelley Vandegrift
Is It Time to Be Dynamic?
Does your catalog contain images that failed to capture the detail of what you saw with your naked eye. The culprit often is the difference between our eye’s and our camera’s dynamic range. Our eyes are able to adapt to changes in a scene’s shadows and highlights, perceiving detail in both. As we look at a scene, our pupils adjust changing their aperture enabling us to see the details in the darkest and lightest parts. Your camera can only use one aperture in a single image. Any dark areas or light areas outside its dynamic range will lose detail.
Some years ago, new digital cameras touted their ability to automatically produce an HDR image rivaling the range of the human eye. HDR became a fad with a flood of unrealistic images hitting social media and the internet. Frequent negative comments about those images stopped many good photographers from using HDR, even when it could beautifully enhance an otherwise lackluster image.
When is HDR a good idea? Here is a simple way to tell. Set your exposure and check your camera’s histogram. If the histogram looks like a U with the left and right sides rising high on the graph and the middle staying near the bottom, use HDR. That U shaped histogram is telling you the scene is very contrasty with shadows and highlights that exceed the camera’s single image dynamic range. 
The steps to produce an HDR image vary from camera to camera, but almost all newer cameras have an Exposure Bracketing feature. This feature lets you set your camera to capture 3, 5, or 7 exposures a certain number of f-stops apart when you press the shutter once. I typically set my camera to capture 3 exposures with 3/4 to 1 stop between each exposure. Those images can then be combined into a single image in the built-in HDR merge function of your favorite image processing software: Lightroom, Photoshop, Aurora, Topaz Adjust, etc.
If you have any questions on HDR or other technical issues, please send them to me at shelley@slvimages.com. Happy shooting!
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Self Exploration Series – November 16 & 17, 2019
 “Photography is a journey, I don’t have to figure it all out today, it is movement, it is love, it is life. It is my process.”

I will be announcing new Limited Edition Photographs that embody the Majesty of Inner Light. Photographs are either one of a kind, 4 in an edition, or an edition of 25. After each sale, the price increases. People have been collecting my work for decades. It is my Majesty of Inner Light.
As creatives, we never stop recreating ourselves. 
Contact me at Info@laurieklein.com, See more limited Edition prints at https://www.laurieklein.com/store/

New Workshops added
Join Laurie Klein Photography for a 2019 workshop or tour.
Learn, Grow, Explore!
08/19/19 – 08/23/19: CreativeInfrared Photography:Capture to Print,Sold Out
10/09/19 – 10/13/19: Firefly Photography Camp for Women
10/20/19 – 10/31/19: Morocco Sold Out
11/16/19 – 11/17/19: Self Exploration Series