“So many things have happened this year,
but she will continue to take brave and faithful steps.
She will continue to walk in the Light even though
she has no idea what will happen yet.”
Morgan Harper Nichols
In my fantasy world Morgan Harper Nichols, wrote this quote for me.
You have all heard me say that I am the luckiest woman in the world, traveling and teaching all over the globe with incredible students. My workshop schedule for next year is exciting, stimulating and life-altering. Amazing artists/photographers are doing more private lessons and Skype mentorships with me. 
Much of my life, I have felt invisible. Art and self expression are making me visible again through a project very near and dear to me, The Invisible Story. This project requires a new level of vulnerability and has tapped into my “inner landscape.” 2020 will see the continuation of this photographic project, and I will be sharing more of the story with you in the coming months.
On a side-note, my publisher, Amherst Media, has asked us to do a second edition of our last infrared book: Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images. Shelley Vandegrift will be joining me on updating chapters on post-production. Our goal is to have the book published and available for purchase by early June.
I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Hopefully, I will see many of you at my workshops in 2020.

Check out our 2020 workshops and travel with us to Maine, Santa Fe, Sedona, Chile, Delaware Water Gap and Acadia National Park
Upcoming Events
02/26/20 – 03/01/20: Atchafalaya Cajun Country Photographic Adventure SOLD OUT
03/14/20 – 03/15/20: 2-Day Introduction to Hand Coloring Photographs Maine Media
05/01/20 – 05/03/20: Infrared: A to Z
05/14/20 – 05/18/20: The Majestic Inner Light of Sedona ONE SPOT LEFT
05/30/20 – 05/31/20: Kalamazoo Art Institute: Hand Coloring
06/29/20 – 07/03/20: Infrared: The Lyrical Image
07/19/20 – 07/25/20: Female Form in the Maine Landscape
08/14/20 – 08/18/20: Female Form in the Delaware Water Gap
11/07/20 – 11/15/20: Santiago and the Chilean Alps

We hope you have had the opportunity to use our new Infrared Mastery Presets for Luminar
Laurie Klein Photography