Infrared: A to Z

Infrared: A to Z

Infrared: A to Z

A 3-Day Intensive With Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift, Providence, RI, May 1-3, 2020 

Intrigued by infrared photography? Looking for a new way to make your images standout? Infrared photography takes the mundane and turns it into art. Learn infrared photography from camera selection to capture considerations through efficient and artistic post-processing in 3 days. Join us in Providence, RI, for this information-packed, intensive workshop.

Day 1: Capture – learn the infrared “rules,” and learn how to break them to create stunning imagery
Day 2: Put what you learned in day 1 to use in the field capturing Providence
Day 3: Learn processing considerations and approaches and apply them to your Day 2 images


Cost:  $695

Location: Laurie Klein Photography Studio Loft, Providence, RI

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