Stay at Home Photography Projects: A unique workshop series for the times

Stay at Home Photography Projects: A unique workshop series for the times
A three-part series – sign up for one, two, or all three.
Online, April 21 – June 4, 2020
Each of the three modules consists of 4 class sessions and builds on the last. Classes meet for two hours twice a week over two weeks. Included with each module is a weekly one-on-one with Laurie for 20 minutes. These one-on-ones are scheduled on a designated “office hours” day outside of class time. Maximum of 10 students per class. We will be seeing and feeling in your everyday environment. Laurie will photograph along with you and share what she photographs, too.
First Series: Spring Cleaning: April 21, 23, 28 & 30
As photographers, we have the opportunity to tell new stories by looking at objects, people, spaces, light, etc., in our immediate surroundings. They are familiar, and now we have the opportunity to see them in a new way. Seeing them from where you are now vs. where you were when they first entered your life. Laurie will lead you on exercises to help you see things you have lived with or walked by daily in a whole new light.
Any chance you found 2 china dolls stuck inside your closet, begging to come out? That happened to Laurie this week, and they may be her stay at home project while we are together during this series. These dolls have been in her family for 4 generations. Or maybe there is a plant in your home that is blooming that makes you feel wonderful. Choose wisely, it might just change your life…….
Second Series: A Pathway Project: May 5, 7, 12 & 14
In this series, the focus is seeing isolation as a pathway to pre-visualizing your surroundings and ultimately yourself. You will take at least two photos every time you photograph an object/subject or selfie….. one that is the way you have always photographed your subjects/subject matter in the past, then one that is way out of your comfort zone. It could be tapping into your feelings about what is happening in the world at this precise moment, putting your camera’s shutter speed low to capture a blurred moment, or photographing from the hip. The point is to push the envelope, and let your feelings about isolation, confinement, or the unknown drive your image capture. 
Third Series: Full Bloom, just like June. May 26, 28 and June 2 & 4 
This program begins with Spring Cleaning from the inside then ventures into our familiar surroundings with The Pathway Project. The third series, Full Bloom, takes you into the unfamiliar. Unfamiliar doesn’t mean physically going to places you haven’t been before. It could be self-portraits, panning, metaphors, etc. You will have gone through an inner transformation in the first two modules, so now you will see your familiar, immediate outside world from a completely different vantage point. A lot has happened in our lives in a short period of time, this is your chance to use those feelings wisely. Be passionate. Become childlike seeing a tree or a cloud as if it was for the first time. Come to your image-making from a child-like state, become fully bloomed.
This series of workshops is for iPhone, infrared, color, and B&W photographers, meaning anyone…..
Cost: $375 per module or buy the 3 module package at a discounted price of $975 total.
Location: Zoom online classroom


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