Laurie Klein Boutique Workshops

International educator and creative, Laurie Klein, is now hosting boutique workshops in beautiful and unique locations. Stepping beyond photography, Laurie strives to share her knowledge of the creative sphere with fellow like minded, creative people and help them to develop their niche much like she did. From a world wide educator, former student of Ansel Adams, and widely recognized photographer, Laurie’s workshops will inspire and enlighten you.

Some of the themes in Laurie’s Boutique Workshops will be:

  • Finding your Visual Voice
  • Building your Creative Tool Box
  • Defining your Niche
  • Making Money through Creativity
  • Giving Permission to yourself to be unique
  • Infrared Photography Techniques

Join the thousands of people who have studied with Laurie Klein and have learned to express their art in new ways, found the strength to be who they want to be through their creativity, and learn to earn a living through their art. Become a Visual Visionary and experience a community of peers sharing the same experiences, solving the same problems, and celebrating the same victories you do every day.

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Past & Upcoming Workshops

How do we expose AND express our feelings, emotions and thoughts in our images? Dec. 1&2, 2018

Morocco with Laurie Klein Workshops – October 20 to 31, 2019

San Antonio, Texas Photographic Journey

**SOLD OUT** A Self Discovery Journey To Uncover Your Inner Self

Wellness Weekend At The Hill-Stead Museum

Projects and Themes Workshop March 17 & 18