Let’s do lunch at the Providence Art Club! Join us for a fascinating interactive discussion on how Expressive Arts can add balance to your life.
Thursday, August 29, 12 noon

Expressive art is a modality that utilizes various artistic forms to promote self-expression, healing, mindfulness, and balance. 

Laurie and Bryce will discuss literature behind Expressive art, with an open dialogue about the importance between art and science. They will then perform an activity utilizing Expressive Art

Bring your Smart Phone and dive into your expression. Laurie and Bryce will walk you through a creative exercise, so you can experience first-hand the benefits of Expressive Arts.

This mother and son team has taught Expressive Arts to Brown Medical Resident Students.

Open to the public. A luncheon sandwich buffet will be served.

$20 program and buffet

Bryce Perler is a third year Medical Resident at Brown University, he is published and has taught many workshops with his mom.

Laurie Klein is an author, educator and is known for her images taken in the infrared spectrum with an emphasis of the female form in the landscape. She studied with the landscape photographer Ansel Adams. 

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