“Storm in the Clouds” Sedona 2019
Neil Gaiman
As creatives we need inspiration and feedback that comes from within and around us.  This includes the totality of the creative process which is not just creating your art.
The clearer we are with our feelings, intentions, desires and goals the more we can tap into them and give them words. Often we could use unbiased feedback for clarity from people we trust, such as: teachers that teach and friends who are sounding boards. I am not speaking about those with agendas who project their desires onto you, but those who are objective and encourage us to be authentic. They do not judge – they are there to help us succeed, however that might look. 
I have wonderful objective listeners whom I share with. They help me figure things out rather than tell me what to do. They help me empower myself, and my creative voice. They are true gifts. Sometime during my workshops, two students connect and they become wise witnesses to one another. My heart sings with joy when that happens.
It is my birthday month. New beginnings are occurring in my life. I have reached out to ‘my’ wise souls. They are the ones who hold me accountable to my intentions.  It may take a while to find those people, but when you do it’s transformative.
First I would like to share a personal story from this past month to illustrate this. Thank you to my son Kyle who with great clarity helped me commit to creating a new artist statement. Thank you to my friends Lesa and Greg Daniel who helped me clarify and implement this goal. They are great listeners.
In a conversation with Lesa and Greg they asked me, what is the essence of your images? What is the heart and soul of all the imagery you are making? What is unique about what you do? What binds it all together? 
I just let the words come out.  When I finished answering all the questions, my friends said “Laurie you totally told us what your imagery embodies, who you are as an artist.” I needed to distill all of that to a few words, and together we drew the threads between my words. This is what was created: 
Majesty of Inner Light
Wow, yes a big YES. This is what I do. Whether photographing legacy portraits for my clients, photographing the female form in nature, or capturing the spirit of the landscape in infrared, this is who I am. 
In the next few weeks I will be announcing new Limited Edition Photographs that embody the Majesty of Inner Light. Photographs are either one of a kind, 4 in an edition, or an edition of 25. After each sale, the price increases. People have been collecting my work for decades. It is my Majesty of Inner Light.
As creatives, we never stop recreating ourselves. 
Contact me at Info@laurieklein.com, See more limited Edition prints at https://www.laurieklein.com/store/
Last chance to sign up for our amazing trip to MOROCCO ~ JOIN ME October 20-31 Registration closes June 26
A place I have never been to before and a dream of mine to go to. Old cities with a set of new eyes. New experiences. I get so excited, maybe I will bring film, maybe I will hand color some of the images, guiding my students on blending the old with the new, or the new with the old.
I hope you will join me for this incredible experience of times gone by with a new vision… yours……
Time is running out to sign up so let me know if you would like to join me in Morocco.
Bryce and tulips
07/13/19 – 07/14/19: Introduction to Hand Coloring
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07/13/19 – 07/14/19: Introduction to Hand Coloring
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