Infrared Photography: Digital Techniques for Brilliant Images

The most complete and current educational publication on digital artistic infrared photography.  The book walks the reader through the entire process from getting started in infrared photography through best practices for producing stunning finished images. Learn this unique art form from experienced educators known around the world for teaching infrared artistry. This book is now available through Amazon. For a signed copy, please email us directly.


Learn to harness and capture infrared wavelengths with an infrared-converted digital camera. The authors teach you, in this book from Amherst Media, how those invisible light wavelengths will be recorded in-camera and the steps you’ll need to take to ensure the best possible photographs. You’ll study myriad images that show how various materials—from skin, hair, and eyes to the sky, trees, grasses, and clouds—will appear in your images and learn to predict the way that the colors and tones you perceive with your naked eyes will be rendered in-camera. You will discover compositional techniques that will visually engage your audience. Finally, you’ll learn how to use artistic applications to add selective color to your black & white infrared images, how to create dramatic color infrared photographs that take infrared capture to a whole new level, and how to edit your images in postproduction for enhanced contrast and superb detail. Price: $49.95 + $7 shipping and handling. An additional shipping charge will be assessed for deliveries outside the United States.