The creative process is on its own time zone
“An artist is an explorer.”
Henri Matisse
When you explore, often there isn’t a roadmap. There are turns and curves and stop signs and boulders in the road. It is exciting and exasperating. Be an explorer, let your creativity flow. When it stops abruptly, become a witness. It is like birth, you can’t hurry it up. Every creative goes through this many times in their lives. Embrace it, don’t fight it.
My roadmap has taken me in a direction I hadn’t anticipated: I am hand coloring again. It has been 10 years. I never thought I would hand color again because the paper I used wasn’t available. Hand coloring makes me feel wonderful. My teaching has been expanded into the Expressive Arts field, working with medical professionals. A new direction for me.
I continue to photograph, trusting my creative process which truthfully is wacky, unpredictable and has a life of its own. I hear from my students all the time, “I am stuck.” “I am frustrated.” Going through those stages of limbo is vital to your growth as a creative.
One year ago:
SANDY: “I never thought of myself as creative in the world of art. I always wanted to know where my creative process would take me but was afraid to begin and did not want to feel uncomfortable. So I reached out to Laurie for guidance. The first thing she asked was whether I would be willing to do a project. And, that it would require scheduling time to practice. That gave me the license to just start shooting. And, shoot I did! When your creative juices are flowing you become absorbed in the process. The Art then captures the idea that you showed up to shoot. Best quote I heard last year, “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!”
Sandy began with her heart series called JUST LOVE HIM, which was a project developed from the HEART. It was used initially as a tool for her to change the trajectory of the relationship between her and her son.
After our first meeting she began photographing. Hearts were appearing in front of her consistently. She never realized that she had bleeding hearts in her yard. Sandy texted me with this info, and my reply was the universe is talking to you. Listen…..
Sandy and I have been working one on one for a year now. What a gift for me to be her guide.
After our last session she wrote me this note:
“Unfortunately, I do not think I will be ready to meet in two weeks. I am trying to put a framework/intention around my next project, and it is eluding me! I think I am just trying to hurry. I have done several paintings and am not finding the types of movement I want. I am really not any further than when we met last.”
My response: “Totally get it. Creativity is on its own time zone.”
Sandy: “I guess I didn’t realize creativity doesn’t always adhere to a schedule! But, I will just keep showing up! I LOVE all the things I have done and people I have met this year! It is me! Finally!”
Sandy’s camera of choice: iPhone 7.
See more of Sandy Johnson’s images and follow her creative journey on Istagram: Heartcurator
Heart photos by Sandy Johnson
Sometimes our creative roadmap takes us on backroads in order to get back to the main roads. Just keep moving in the general direction, and be your own witness of your happenings.
” Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I reminded myself that life is a an adventure, so much to do, to see.” Angelina Jolie
Embracing the new, which is how life works.
MOROCCO ~ JOIN ME October 20-31
A place I have never been to before and a dream of mine to go to. Old cities with a set of new eyes. New experiences. I get so excited, maybe I will bring film, maybe I will hand color some of the images, guiding my students on blending the old with the new, or the new with the old.
I hope you will join me for this incredible experience of times gone by with a new vision… yours……
Time is running out to sign up so let me know if you would like to join me in Morocco.
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