“Knowing is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part.” 
― Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer
During my incredible Santa Fe Workshop a few weeks ago, amazing happenings transpired including a moment of connection between a rescue horse and my remarkable surrogate daughter Nicole Cudzilo. Nicole was modeling for our class. We went down by the stables, and out of the blue she climbed into the pen and walked right up to Lucas. Something exceptional happened then. It wasn’t about words. It wasn’t about expressions. It was about bonding, trusting, and being present in the moment.
As I write these words, I feel they represent what happened during our Santa Fe Workshop.
It was an exceptional week, everyone supported one another, as well as trusting Shelley and me to help them go beyond their comfort zone. Many ‘ah ha’ moments occurred. The workshop was Capture to Print, so at the end of the week students had amazing prints to take home with them. So many of us don’t print any more. Why is that? How do we build a relationship and grow our creative process if our images are stuck on a machine? Maybe I am biased, because I learned printing from film, and we could only get a certain amount of information from looking at the negative.
“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways.” Ansel Adams
I think the quote I began this newsletter with, is one of the reasons people don’t print. Knowing, which is done in capture, is the easy part. Saying it out loud is the hard part. That is, when we commit to the image, we commit to the story through post and printing. This past workshop at Santa Fe was all about telling the story from capture to print. How we felt, what we wanted to communicate when we clicked the shutter, and finally what post and paper choices we made to take that expression to fruition. Shelley and I talked constantly about the marriage of capture to post, and then to print.
I want to thank many people for helping create a magnificent workshop at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops:
the Workshop’s crew, our amazing students, and the fabulous models.
Stay tuned for the next newsletter. I will share some of the powerful images made by the students.

How fortuitous that Nicole Cudzilo’s self portraits were on display during our Santa Fe Photographic Workshop.
“Gerald Peters Projects is pleased to announce the opening of The Edge, an exhibition of photography by Santa Fe-based resident Nicole Cudzilo
Nicole Cudzilo’s photography depicts female figures surreally out-of-synch with their environments. Often set in natural landscapes, the figures wear wigs and outfits reminiscent of the 1950s, replete with connotations of social conformity, submission, and constrained conceptions of femininity. Cudzilo’s images contemplate the role of fashion and appearance as mechanisms that both celebrate and constrain women.
As Lauren Tresp of THE Magazine states: “The artist herself plays each character, face shielded to anonymize and serve as a stand-in for the everywoman who also performs—intentionally and not—various personal and societal roles through dress and appearance. These characters explore the American West. Whether perched on a rock ledge in a puffy-sleeved nightgown or sporting lingerie in a vacant rodeo ring, each figure is impractically dressed for the scene, creating shifts of context that suggest surreal narratives and echo the many impracticalities of female fashion.
Cudzilo discovered photography a decade ago and has been producing images ever since. She uses both digital and film processes for her work, utilizing medium and large format, 35mm, and instant film. Cudzilo also teaches workshops, mentors students, and participates in visiting artist and lecture programs in various schools.”
1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM-5PM

Can you imagine an all Womens camp with amazing teachers such as Annie Griffiths, Preston Gannaway, Christine Kenyon, Meghan Davidson and more all together on a ranch in Sonoma, CA.?
Oct 9 – 13, 2019
This will be my third year teaching at Firefly Institute. I will say Firefly changes lives, brings together new friends for life and produces a heartfelt community.
There are still a few spots available.

From Click To Wow
tools and tips for the photographic artist
Shelley Vandegrift
Tired of Repeating Yourself?
We often find we make the same basic changes to every image we edit. Camera profile: check, contrast: check, tone curve: check, etc. Lightroom (LR) and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) provide a little known tool that automatically applies your standard adjustments to every image on import. These camera defaults are specific to each of your cameras.
Start by opening an image in either the Develop module of LR or in ACR. Make your standard adjustments, and do one of the following: LR – Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) key down. The Reset button at the bottom right of the LR Develop screen will change to Set Default. Click Set Default. Then in the dialog box click Update to Current Settings. ACR – Click the button to the right of the header at the top of the Basic panel. (It looks like a page of lines.) Click Save New Camera Raw Defaults. If you have questions on setting your default or questions on other technical matters, email me at shelley@slvimages.com. Happy processing!
To purchase Infrared Mastery II Look Collection for Luminar: https://www.laurieklein.com/product/infrared-mastery-for-luminar-presets-instructional-ebook/
To purchase the all new Infrared Drama Look Collection: https://www.laurieklein.com/product/presets-infrared-drama/

Save the date(s) for these 3 exciting workshops
We have so many exciting opportunities cropping up for 2020, that we have decided to offer three major workshops next year. These will no doubt sell out quickly, so I wanted to give you advance notice.
Email workshops@laurieklein.com to be placed on the waiting list for these workshops.
The Majesty of Inner Light in Sedona: Landscapes, Models (Nude and Clothed) and Sacred Spaces:
Laurie Klein and Larry Lindahl, two photographers with different styles coming together for a workshop unlike any other. What they have in common is the love of the Arizona landscape.
May 14-18, 2020
Louisiana Workshop: Plantations, Spanish moss and the magical Atchafalaya cypress swamp. Guest model will be none other then Nicole Cudzilo.
February 25- March 16, 2020
Italy Workshop: Join us in the Chianti region of Italy. Vineyards, Florence, Models, Wine tasting. We will be staying in a villa dating back to the Feudal Era.
Fall TBD, 2020
Upcoming events 2019
Duxbury Camera Club October 2, 2019 from 7- 9PM: Mystery and Magic of Infrared Photography, Duxbury MA
Join Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift for a journey into the magical and mysterious world of Infrared Photography. Photographers are looking for ways to stand out with their images and infrared photography is the perfect medium for this. You will gain an understanding of photographing in the non-visible spectrum and how to create breathtaking infrared photographs.
Find your voice as a creative. Still a few spots open.
Self Exploration Series November 16 & 17, 2019
 “Photography is a journey, I don’t have to figure it all out today, it is movement, it is love, it is life. It is my process.”

I will be announcing new Limited Edition Photographs that embody the Majesty of Inner Light. Photographs are either one of a kind, 4 in an edition, or an edition of 25. After each sale, the price increases. People have been collecting my work for decades. It is my Majesty of Inner Light.
As creatives, we never stop recreating ourselves. 
Contact me at Info@laurieklein.com, See more limited Edition prints at https://www.laurieklein.com/store/

New Workshops added
Join Laurie Klein Photography for a 2019 workshop or tour.
Learn, Grow, Explore!
10/09/19 – 10/13/19: Firefly Photography Camp for Women
10/20/19 – 10/31/19: Morocco Sold Out
11/16/19 – 11/17/19: Self Exploration Series