Infrared: The Invisible Made Visible

Juror: Laurie Klein
Deadline: September 18, 2017
Exhibition prints deadline: October 27, 2017
Gallery exhibition: November 8 – December 2, 2017

Use the invisible spectrum in new or interesting ways. Photographs can be made with infrared film, digital cameras that have been converted, or non-converted digital cameras using filters — all of which capture infrared light. All genres of infrared photography are welcome: portraiture, landscapes, nature, structures, urban scenes and abstracts.


Submitting Your Images

Submitting Your Images

It’s easy to apply and submit images to a PhotoPlace Gallery exhibit. The first time you submit, you’ll need to create an account, which includes creating a user ID and password. Upon your return, just log in, click on the exhibit, and drag and drop your image files.


Image files

We accept only digital files, with the following recommended specs:

  • JPG/JPEG files only
  • Image should be approximately 2100 pixels (7 inches) on the longest side
  • 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution
  • We suggest a compression setting of 7 or 8 when saving in Photoshop or Elements.  sRGB color space is recommended, whether black and white or color.
  • Maximum file size is 5MB in the JPG’s closed and compressed state. JPGs that are open in an application will be much larger. It’s the closed size that matters.
  • If you use layers, please flatten the image.
  • When resizing images for submission, be sure to rename the file before saving it! Otherwise, you will overwrite the original high-resolution file and lose its resolution forever.

We believe in a “blind” jury process; your identity is concealed from the juror. To do this, your image file is renamed by using your unique customer ID and a random 5-digit number. We can easily identify the images that belong to you, but the juror cannot. Therefore, the file name you give your images is unimportant. The title you provide when you upload each image is important for later use, but the file name is not. There is no need to include your own name in the file name, but you can if you want to.

You’ll find files easy to upload within our submission system. Upload problems are almost always traced to significantly out-of-date software or oversize images. Correctly sized images generally run between 500K and 3MB. Maximum file size for submissions is 5MB.

If you have questions about specs or have trouble sizing correctly, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We’ll be glad to help!

*Please title your work and provide your name carefully; this is how they will appear in the exhibition catalog if your work is accepted by the juror.


The non-refundable submission fee is $35 for up to 5 digital images, and $6 for each additional image. There is no limit to the number of images you may enter.

By submitting images, you agree that:

  • The images are your own work.
  • You own all rights to the images.
  • You take full responsibility for the content of all images, including the likeness of recognizable individuals.

*Photographs accepted for other PhotoPlace exhibitions are not eligible for re-submission for one year from the opening date of the exhibition.

Artist Rights

You retain all rights to your work. Should your work be accepted by the juror, you grant PhotoPlace Gallery the specific right to reproduce your image in the exhibition catalog and on the PhotoPlace Gallery website and social media. At all times your name and copyright will accompany your image. We will use your image for no other purpose whatsoever without your specific permission.