tranĀ·scendĀ·ence: The Female Form in the Lake Superior Landscape

Laurie Klein & Nicole Cudzilo presented by Wild Rice Retreats| July 18-22, 2021

Picture this: you with your camera in the Lake Superior Landscape: perfect for infrared, B&W or color capture. Incredible models in beautiful surreal landscapes, immerse yourself in your creativity and a spirit of adventure.

World renowned photographer and educator Laurie Klein, along with Nicole Cudzilo, will lead you through the art and techniques of photographing the female form in the natural landscape. Each day as we photograph in a variety of landscapes, we will concentrate on pre-visualizing, posing, and relationship building between you and your models. Laurie and Nicole will concentrate on helping you identifying and developing your authentic personal style. There will also be critiques and one on one time with Laurie with Nicole assisting. Post-production and workflow will be covered.

Registration is available on the Wild Rice Retreats website. Use code KLEIN2021 for a discount on your registration when booked by February 15, 2021.