Our Internal Landscapes – presented by SFW

Santa Fe Workshops Online

Tuition and Fees: $495
Mondays & Thursdays, 2 PM to 3:30 PM MDT,  starting July 27 and ending August 13, 2020

Open your technical toolbox and remove fears, challenges, and decisions holding you back from executing your creative ideas and concepts. In this new online workshop, Laurie Klein shows you how your equipment choices of lenses, camera settings, and photographic point of view determine your unique artistic style.

Laurie is a master at guiding her students to open their hearts and discover the often hidden or overlooked meanings in their photographic work that leads to artistic authenticity. Through lectures, observations, stories, group discussions, and assignments she helps each participant bring their photography to a higher level. She helps identify and clarify a preference for black and white, color, or infrared photography into a personal style. You learn how to strengthen your visual storytelling techniques, not by just taking photographs, but by refining the process of designing and making photographs.

Laurie also dives into a variety of post-processing techniques to maximize your creative time and finesse your images. You learn to carefully review and edit your photographs, recognizing and cultivating your expressive image style. At the end of these energizing three weeks, a new internal landscape rises for each individual image-maker.

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