Laurie Is Accepting New Students!

This is your opportunity to work directly with Laurie Klein, renowned digital infrared photographer and student of Ansel Adams.

Available time slots are limited!

Laurie will be working with a small selection of photographers, one on one, to help develop their photographic style and
finding their visual voice. To inquire about time slots and pricing please email directly.

    • Get direct feedback from an experience pro
    • Benefit from 40 years of photographic experience
    • Develop your visual voice
    • Grow your portfolio
    • Learn techniques not taught in traditional classes
Sessions available NATIONWIDE via SKYPE or in person in the NYC Area

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Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images

With the introduction of digital photography, unprecedented numbers of people are flocking to the art form, trying their hand at creating effective photographs of people, landscapes, still lifes, and other subjects. As the ranks of photographers swell, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve a standout body of work—something that sets your work apart from the barrage of images we are all inundated with on a daily basis. As Laurie and Kyle Klein prove in their new book, infrared capture may be that magic bullet.

Infrared photographs have a mystical feel. Before the dawn of digital capture, infrared light waves, which are invisible to the naked eye, could only be captured using specialized films that required precise handling and a level of technical proficiency that most photographers lacked. Today, infrared films are largely unavailable; digital infrared is the wave of the future, and most photographers have a retired digital camera (whether an older-model DSLR or an old point & shoot camera) on hand that they can

Photographing the Female Form with Digital Infrared

With a nuanced approach to this classic style of artistic expression, Laurie Klein elevates the female nude to ethereal levels through the use of digital infrared (IR) photography. Using IR-modified cameras, she designs scenes of her models in evocative natural settings that transform them into fairies, nymphs, and goddesses. In this book, she explores the creation of sixty of her most evocative images, revealing the artistic concepts underlying the scene selection, the choice of model, and the pose. For each of the featured portraits, supporting images show simple variations—other ideas Klein explored during the same session—and offer unique insight into the evolving process of photographic creation. While specific techniques offer insight into the challenges of digital IR imaging, photographers working in any medium will find valuable insights to enhance their approach to fine-art nude photography.