Atchafalaya Cajun Country, February 26 – March 1, 2020

Venture with Laurie Klein Workshops into the beauty that is Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Cajun country to photograph natural wonders and remembrances of a time gone by. Regardless of your favorite photographic genre, subjects abound in the beautiful, vast, and mysterious Atchafalaya basin: Spanish moss suspended from ancient oak trees, cypress knees rising from the marshy waters, wildlife of every variety, landscapes, and history. As a special feature, we will have two environmental portraiture sessions with the incredible Nicole Cudzilo surrounded by the majesty of the largest, restored plantation in the South.  From Nottoway Plantation, our home base on the banks of the Mississippi river, we will strike out each day to capture the amazing scenery and culture of the area. Join Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift for this one of a kind photography experience.

Cost: $1,995
Location: Nottoway Plantation Resort, Louisiana


Create Your Own Workshop, January – February, 2020


Book your customized, private instruction with Laurie Klein in the Delray, Florida, area in January or February, 2020.  Each custom workshop includes a one hour Skype planning session; a one, two or three-day private shoot at an agreed upon location, and a one-hour follow-up Skype session. You can travel to Laurie in Florida, or she can travel to a destination of your choosing. You and Laurie design the project schedule and agree upon pricing, which may include travel and model fees. Please contact Laurie to book your custom workshop. 


Design Your Custom Workshop Now

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Infrared: A to Z – 3-Day Intensive With Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift
Providence, RI, May 1-3, 2020 

Looking for a new way to make your images standout? Infrared photography takes the mundane and turns it into art. Learn infrared photography from camera selection to capture considerations to efficient and artistic post-processing in 3 days. Join us in Providence, RI, for this information-packed, intensive workshop.


Cost:  $695, plus $50 model fee
Location: Laurie Klein Studio Loft, Providence, RI

The Majestic Inner Light of Sedona with Laurie Klein and Larry Lindahl

Sedona, AZ, May 14-18, 2020 

Imagine being in a Fine Art workshop with figure models on the sacred lands of Sedona! The models will interact with the landscape as you are guided to reach deeply into personal visual expressions at each creative experience. The two instructors will have you composing stunning images with several incredible figure models, such as Nicole Cudzilo from Santa Fe, Sedona model Pash Galbavy and Tucson model Lacey Wolf.

Black and white photographer Laurie Klein and color photographer Larry Lindahl each approach their craft in uniquely personal ways. You with your camera in the light and landscape of Sedona will photograph the other-worldly vistas in nature, usually with models, clothed and nude, to work with. Immerse yourself in artistic imagination, visual discoveries, and one-to-one inspiration.

This workshop is for all levels of photographers.


Cost:  $2,650
Location: SkyRanch Lodge, Sedona, AZ

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