Stay at Home Photography Projects: A unique workshop series for the times 

Online, April 16, 2020 – June 2, 2020 from 6:30-8:30 PM EDT

 This series of workshops is for iPhone, Infrared, color, and B&W photographers, meaning anyone. Each of the three modules explores a different aspect of your photographic life, taking you on new personal artistic journeys. We will be seeing and feeling in your everyday environment. Laurie will photograph along with you and share what she photographs, too. Each of the three modules consists of 4 class sessions and builds on the last. Classes meet for two hours twice a week over two weeks. Included with each module is a weekly one-on-one with Laurie for 20 minutes. These one-on-ones are scheduled on a designated “office hours” day outside of class time. Maximum of 10 students per class. 

First Series: Spring Cleaning – April 16, 21, 23 & 28 
Tell new stories by looking at objects, people, spaces, light, etc., in our immediate surroundings. Laurie will lead you on exercises to help you see things you have lived with or walked by daily in a whole new light. 
Second Series: A Pathway Project – April 30, May 5, 7 & 12
In this series, the focus is seeing isolation as a pathway to pre-visualizing your surroundings and ultimately yourself. The point is to push the envelope, and let your feelings about isolation, confinement, or the unknown drive your image capture.  
Third Series: Full Bloom, just like June. May 21, 26, 28 & June 2 
Full Bloom takes you into the unfamiliar. It could be self-portraits, panning, metaphors, etc. Come to your image-making from a child-like state, become fully bloomed.


Cost: $375 per module or buy the 3 module package at a discounted price of $975 total.
Location: Zoom online classroom


Infrared: A to Z – 3-Day Intensive with Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift

Online on May 1-3, 2020 

Looking for a new way to make your images standout? Infrared photography takes the mundane and turns it into art. Learn infrared photography from camera selection to capture considerations to efficient and artistic post-processing in 3 days. Join us in our interactive classroom for this information-packed, intensive workshop, and receive two amazing gifts.


Cost:  $695
Location: Online

The Majestic Inner Light of Sedona with Laurie Klein and Larry Lindahl

Sedona, AZ, May 14-18, 2020 

Imagine being in a Fine Art workshop with figure models on the sacred lands of Sedona! The models will interact with the landscape as you are guided to reach deeply into personal visual expressions at each creative experience. The two instructors will have you composing stunning images with several incredible figure models, such as Nicole Cudzilo from Santa Fe, Sedona model Pash Galbavy and Tucson model Lacey Wolf.

Black and white photographer Laurie Klein and color photographer Larry Lindahl each approach their craft in uniquely personal ways. You with your camera in the light and landscape of Sedona will photograph the other-worldly vistas in nature, usually with models, clothed and nude, to work with. Immerse yourself in artistic imagination, visual discoveries, and one-to-one inspiration.

This workshop is for all levels of photographers.


Cost:  $2,650
Location: SkyRanch Lodge, Sedona, AZ

Introduction to Hand Coloring Digital Prints


May 30-31, 2020 10 AM – 4 PM

Introducing the new DSI Digital Silver Matte Fiber Print ®
Hand coloring a black and white photograph is an art form all by itself. This hands-on, two-day course introduces you to the history, esthetics and technical aspects of hand coloring as well as the many techniques for shooting and finishing images printed in the digital era. The all-important last step of preserving and framing the final artwork make this a comprehensive workshop. Laurie will be showing examples and doing demonstrations throughout the weekend. All participants will be working on their hand-coloring and will have the opportunity to have numerous one on one interactions with Laurie during the two-day workshop. This workshop will be held online in a Zoom classroom.


Cost:  $550

Cost:  Online Zoom Classroom

Infrared: The Lyrical Image at Santa Fe Workshops

Santa Fe, NM, June 28- July 3, 2020 

Over five comprehensive days renowned IR specialist, Laurie Klein, introduces you to the magic of creative infrared photography. to do just that. Under her guidance, participants train their eyes to pre-visualize the qualities of infrared: how it records heat and how it interprets the visible spectrum.

Shelley Vandegrift, Laurie’s longtime collaborator, provides technical information for capture as well as helping students develop a personalized workflow incorporating numerous post-production techniques.

Come with an open, curious mind, ready to learn the secrets of great infrared photography, and leave with a new set of skills for making unforgettable images!

Presented by Santa Fe Workshops in Santa Fe, NM

Cost:  $1,645
Location: Santa Fe Workshops, Santa Fe, NM

Hand Coloring With Laurie Klein

Kalamazoo Art Institute, May 30-31, 2020 

Presented by the Kalamazoo Art Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Workshop information and registration will be available on the KAI website spring 2020. 


Female Form in the Maine Landscape

Maine Media,  July 19-25, 2020 


Picture this: you with your camera in the Maine light in Summer; perfect for infrared, B&W or color capture. Incredible models, 5 days to immerse yourself in your creativity and a spirit of adventure.

World renowned photographer and educator, Laurie Klein, will lead you through the art and techniques of photographing the female form in the natural landscape.  Each day as we photograph in a variety of landscapes we will concentrate on pre-visualizing, posing, relationship building between you and your models who are vulnerable subjects in nature. Laurie will concentrate on helping you identifying and developing your authentic personal style.

There will also be daily critiques, and one on one time with Laurie. Post production and workflow will be covered.

This workshop is for Infrared, Black & White and Color photographers.


Cost:  $1,495
Location: Maine Media, Rockport, ME


Female Form in the Delaware Water Gap

Peters Valley School of Craft,  August 14-18, 2020 


The Delaware Water Gap’s rich landscape coupled with the incredible August light will be the perfect backdrop for the workshop. Each day as we photograph in a variety of landscapes we will concentrate on pre-visualizing, posing, relationship building between you and your models, who are vulnerable subjects in nature. Laurie will concentrate on helping you identify and develop your personal style, along with daily critiques. August light is perfect for infrared, B&W or color capture. This is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity with a spirit of adventure. Post production and workflow will be covered. 


Cost:  $850
Location: Peters Valley School of Craft, Layton, NJ


Seeing the Acadia Landscape in a New Way

Acadia National Park, Maine, September 5-10, 2020


“When you approach something to photograph it, first be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence. Then don’t leave until you have captured its essence.” ~ Minor White

Join Laurie Klein and Al DaValle at this unique workshop in Acadia National Park focusing on how to develop a new way of seeing the dramatic landscape. During the week, you will have the opportunity to work with various photographic techniques and technologies.  Laurie will unveil how infrared photography can open new doors for self expression, and Al will reveal the secrets of Acadia in a way only someone who has spent years photographing these amazing places can.  You will also have the opportunity to incorporate the human form into the landscape as we provide access to wonderful models who will creatively collaborate with you in unfolding your Acadia story. 


Cost:  $2.950
Acadia National Park, Maine


Santiago and the Chilean Andes

Santiago, Chile, November 7-15, 2020 


Surrounded by the spectacular Andes mountains, which separate Chile and Argentina and extend all the way to tip of South America, Santiago is a city of eclectic neighborhoods, each with its own character and flavor.  Whether your favorite photographic genre is landscape, street photography, travel photography or models in the environment, this trip is for you. Based in a 4-star boutique hotel for the entire 9 days of our Chilean adventure, we will venture out into the city, surrounding areas or up to the Andes, each day. We will begin our experience with a day strolling Santiago’s most photogenic neighborhoods, enjoying the renovated street art scene, and visiting local artisans and unique markets. Other days will be filled with trips into the amazing beauty that surrounds Santiago. We will photograph: the colors and street art of the unique port city of Valparaiso; Isla Negra, the coastal town poet Pablo Neruda called home; the dramatic gorge and mountains of Cajon de Maipo in the Andes, nature reserves, Andean vistas, local vineyards, and much more. 

Cost:  $5,850, single occupancy. ($300 per person discount for friends booking, traveling, and rooming together)
Location: Santiago, Chile


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Some of Our Previous Workshops & Tours

Atchafalaya Cajun Country, February 26 – March 1, 2020

Venture with Laurie Klein Workshops into the beauty that is Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Cajun country to photograph natural wonders and remembrances of a time gone by. Regardless of your favorite photographic genre, subjects abound in the beautiful, vast, and mysterious Atchafalaya basin: Spanish moss suspended from ancient oak trees, cypress knees rising from the marshy waters, wildlife of every variety, landscapes, and history. As a special feature, we will have two environmental portraiture sessions with the incredible Nicole Cudzilo surrounded by the majesty of the largest, restored plantation in the South.  From Nottoway Plantation, our home base on the banks of the Mississippi river, we will strike out each day to capture the amazing scenery and culture of the area. Join Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift for this one of a kind photography experience.

Cost: $1,995
Location: Nottoway Plantation Resort, Louisiana


2-Day Introduction to Hand Coloring Photographs
Rockport, ME, March 14-15, 2020 

Your hands-on, two-part course with Laurie will introduce you to the aesthetics and technical aspects of hand coloring – and then give you time to practice and work on your own photograph. You’ll leave with images you love and the tools to create more. 

This class will discuss taking photographs that are suited for hand coloring, selecting your materials, coloring techniques, and preserving your finished work. You will leave with at least 4 finished, fine art pieces of your own creation along with all the knowledge necessary to continue making one of a kind art.


Cost:  $525
Location: Maine Media, Rockport, ME

Cape Cod

Introduction to Hand Coloring Digital Prints

The Female Form in the Maine Landscape – presented by Maine Media Workshops & College

Creative Infrared Photography: Capture to Print – presented by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops 

Firefly Photography Camp for Women


Self-Exploration in Your Images

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