“Stop Breaking Promises to Yourself.”
Rachel Hollis
As you may already know, I love serendipity. It sure has been happening a lot for me lately especially since I have moved to Providence. Which of course is providence.
I called my friend Nikki to give her thanks for being in my life, and also to share the cross road I was experiencing. She immediately called me back and what she shared was exactly what I needed. She has been listening to Rachel Hollis and shared the above quote. It resonated deeply and I knew it was speaking to my creative process. The timing was impeccable because a few days later I was hosting my first workshop in my new artist loft. The topic of the workshop was How do we expose AND express our feelings, emotions and thoughts in our images? We would also be doing an artist salon about the importance of designing one’s creative tool box and process. I have always believed when we are open and ready the right person, quote or situation comes along, and often, new opportunities that will help steer us in the direction we are aiming for. For myself it is trusting this process and getting out of my own way. Why do we so often break promises to ourselves? We rarely do that to others we love, but why do we do it to ourselves? Often it feels like a betrayal and often time the promises we break are about our creative process. I do ask friends at times to hold me accountable. I have shared this with you before, my friend Ruth and I have artist dates once a week. We have both committed to Friday afternoons to create. We don’t have to be in the same state to do that, since we both travel extensively.
We seem to be able to break self promises easier then to break a promise to another.
I challenge you to find a creative buddy that will hold you accountable.
try it for a few weeks, you never know what might develop…….
They say 21 days creates a new habit. If I even think about skipping a date these days I feel like I am betraying myself.
During the workshop we also discussed the importance of having a tribe of like minded creatives to help support ourselves in our creative journey. My friend Nikki is a part of my tribe.
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